Where are homebuyers moving to escape expensive New York real estate?

What are some common real estate investor goals for 2015?

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On this week’s show I talk to two guests: Jonathan Miller, president and CEO of the Manhattan-based Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants and Jeff Ball, CEO and founder of Visio Financial Services, a private money residential real estate lender.

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Glinkonomics Report: Are we seeing a great reset in real estate? [1:00]

41,000 Foreclosures in March [2:22]
CoreLogic’s March Foreclosure Report shows competed foreclosures were up slightly from February, but year-over-year they’re down by 15 percent.

I have the rundown on completed foreclosures, foreclosure inventory and seriously delinquent mortgages. I also take a look back at some typical foreclosure numbers from before the recession and compare them to current foreclosure levels to discern what post-recession “normal” looks like.

New York City, Home of the World’s Most Expensive Safety Deposit Boxes [7:12]
Manhattan is a housing market that seems not to have a price ceiling. Home buyers the world over park their cash in NYC’s luxury homes but rarely use them.

Jonathan Miller tallies the gaudy condo sales numbers in Gotham, and explains why he calls Manhattan’s luxury condos the world’s most expensive safety deposit boxes. Other topics include the drop in affordable home construction and the surprising revelation about where home buyers priced out of the white-hot Brooklyn market are turning for more affordable homes.

Reviewing Visio’s Residential Real Estate Investor Report [16:26]
What is a typical real estate investor? What are real estate investors planning for the rest of 2015?

Visio Financial Services surveyed investors and released its Residential Real Estate Investor Report based on the results. I talk with Jeff Ball about the typical characteristics of residential real estate investors who participated in the Visio survey, and the investing goals they have for the year ahead, in this two-part interview.

Is it Better to Use an LLC to Invest in Real Estate? [30:18]
Limited liability companies – LLCs for short – can be a useful tool for real estate investors to help minimize their liability on property they own.

But LLCs can also be expensive and time-consuming to create, and their liability protection only works if all the paperwork is done correctly. In many cases, good property and umbrella insurance coverage could be just as effective as an LLC at protecting your real estate investments.

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