How will new crowdfunding regulations affect investors?

What are the things all homebuyers should know before buying a home?

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On this week’s show I talk to Salvador Rodriguez, the Silicon Valley correspondent for the International Business Times, about the new crowdfunding regulations for investors.

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How Crowdfunding Regulations Have Changed Startup Investing [3:30]
New crowdfunding regulations took effect in June with the goal of bringing crowdfunding to the world of startup investing.

But the reality of the Regulation A+ rules of Title IV of the 2012 JOBS Act may not fit the ideal, as soliciting investments will still require a substantial investment on the part of business startups to file the appropriate paperwork with the SEC. Crowdfunding works best when an appeal is made to as large a group of potential investors as possible, and the Regulation A+ rules aim to enable anyone to participate in startup investing. Prior to the SEC implementing Reg A+, only accredited investors could participate.

I interview journalist Salvador Rodriguez  to get a better understanding of the Regulation A+ changes and how they might impact real estate investing. Rodriguez is the Silicon Valley correspondent for the International Business Times and has written about Regulation A+’s potential impact on the tech startup space.

Q&A: Is a short sale the best option during bankruptcy? [14:59]
A husband filed for bankruptcy after losing big on property bought just before the housing market crashed. His wife wants to know if a short sale is his best option.

The two investment properties in question are in Florida, one of the worst-hit housing markets when the real estate bubble burst. The amount owed on the mortgages is now far more than the values of the properties themselves, placing the husband deeply underwater on his loans. After declaring bankruptcy over an unrelated matter, the husband is continuing to make payments on these properties even though the rental income they generate barely covers half of the monthly mortgage payments. His wife wants to know if pursuing a short sale is the best option for them given their age and current bankruptcy status.

What Every Homebuyer Should Know Before Purchasing a Home [18:44]
Before buying a home, part of your research should include learning as much as possible about what motivated the home sellers to put the house up for sale.

There are many things you should know and understand about a target property before buying a home. But while many homebuyers do a great job of assessing the physical characteristics of real estate, assessing what motivated the home seller to sell the property is often an overlooked part of the process. As a prospective homebuyer, you should be as informed as possible about what motivations underlie the home seller’s decision to sell because it could help you save money on the purchase.

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