Why does landscaping matter in flood or drought conditions?

What are the rights you have for collecting rent if you’re a landlord?

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Why Landscaping Matters in Flood or Drought Conditions [2:29]
If flood or drought conditions are affecting your area, landscaping can have a big impact on mitigating the associated costs.

Home design and renovation firm Houzz recently released its Landscaping and Garden Trends Study for 2015, and water conditions figured prominently in a large proportion of landscaping projects, according to their survey. With extreme drought in California and dangerous flooding in Texas, the impact of changing water conditions won’t always be easily managed by a landscaping redesign. But landscaping choices determine how much water is needed to keep a yard looking its best, and proper drainage can ensure that flooding only happens in the most extreme situations.

Americans Feel Financial Security, Despite a Low Savings Rate [4:50]
The Bankrate Financial Security Index for June hit its third-highest level ever. It showed that while many Americans are feeling a sense of financial security, a low savings rate could still put them in danger on a rainy day.

Bankrate has been publishing a monthly measure of Americans’ sense of financial security since 2011, which includes data on the savings rate of survey respondents, and lately the index has taken off. It has recorded 13 consecutive months of positive feelings from survey respondents regarding their financial security, and all three of the highest readings recorded over the last five years have come in 2015. But June also saw a jump in the proportion of respondents who reported having no savings to cover expenses in the event of an emergency. That’s the opposite of financial security, and the overall savings rate revealed by the survey paints a picture of increasing wealth inequality.

Q&A: Landlords Hope to Collect on Unpaid Rent [10:45]
Becoming a landlord can be a rewarding investment. But not when it comes to collecting unpaid rent from scofflaw tenants. That’s when landlords need to know their rights.

I answer a question on landlord rights from a couple with a tenant who refuses to pay her last month’s rent before moving to the new house she bought. The landlords asked me whether they could put a lien on the new property as a means of collecting the unpaid rent. But a lien requires a legal judgment, so they’ll need to start their quest to collect the unpaid rent in a courthouse first. Which court deals with unpaid rent from scofflaw tenants?

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