Why might more LGBT couples decide to become homebuyers?

What are some tips for finding good tenants?

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On this week’s show I talk to Sherry Chris, CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, about the results of this year’s LGBT Home Buyer and Seller Survey.

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Glinkonomics Report [1:10]

Why LGBT Couples May Buy More Homes [7:15]
Federal legal recognition of same-sex marriage could lead LGBT couples to buy more homes.

Homebuying doesn’t require a marriage certificate, but members of the LGBT community may be more inclined to form households now that they’ve won federal recognition of their unions. According to research conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, LLC in partnership with the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, housing discrimination is a major concern for members of the LGBT community, so any legal protections that allay that anxiety could help more LGBT couples feel more secure about home buying as an objective.

I discuss the results of the 2015 LGBT Home Buyer and Seller Survey with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate CEO Sherry Chris. After that, I ask Sherry to reflect on the tremendous success Better Homes and Gardens has experienced since it entered the real estate business in 2008.

Q&A: Financing a Vacant Land Purchase [20:35]
A vacant land purchase may not work with a traditional mortgage. You may need some creative financing strategies to make it work.

I answer a question from someone hoping to buy a vacant tract of land as a place to build a home for retirement. But while the land is priced to sell and the prospective home buyer has a good credit score and enough cash for a substantial down payment, residential mortgage lenders generally won’t underwrite a loan on a piece of vacant land.

Six Tips for Finding Good Tenants [23:45]
For landlords looking to rent vacant units, finding responsible tenants is a top priority.

These six strategies may require some investment of time, and potentially some additional financial sacrifice, on the part of landlords interested in going the extra mile to find good tenants. But the investment can pay big dividends for any landlord able to find responsible tenants who pay the rent on time, take good care of the rental property and remain in the unit on a long- term basis.

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