Does Jonathan Smoke say the housing market is on a roll or slowing down?

Can landlords make tenants pay if they break their lease?

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On this week’s show, I talk with Jonathan Smoke, chief economist of, about the latest housing market indicators.

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Glinkonomics Report [1:00]

Jonathan Smoke of Talks Housing [7:15]
It can be confusing to look at the wide variety of home sales indicators available, from new home sales to existing home sales to pending homes sales. But whether you’re a real estate investor or you’re just hoping to buy your first home, prevailing housing market trends will have an impact on your real estate decision-making process by affecting mortgage interest rates, inventory and other factors.

Q&A: Can landlords make tenants pay if they break their lease? [29:15]
What recourse do landlords have if tenants break their lease and vacate a rental unit before paying rent for the entire term of the lease? This question comes from a landlord whose tenants not only broke a lease two months early, but also left behind damage in the rental unit. Since the security deposit won’t cover all of the lost rent revenue plus the damage, the landlord has to decide how far to pursue the tenants for restitution. Litigation is an option, but it would cost the landlord even more to hire a lawyer, depending on the terms of the lease and the outcome of the court case. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a lease that includes language providing the landlord with specific rights and protections that facilitate the litigation process in the event it is necessary.

How to Lower Your Property Tax Assessment [31:15]
Property taxes vary considerably depending on where you live. But no matter what you pay, there’s a chance that you could lower your property tax assessment. Your local property tax assessor is tasked with maintaining detailed information on all of the properties in your region. It’s a big job, so it’s no surprise that sometimes the information is outdated or just plain incorrect. If that’s the case for your property, you may be paying more than your fair share.

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