Should you buy a home warranty?

Is the new Weiss Index for home prices a real estate industry game changer?

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This week, I talk with Allan Weiss, founder and CEO of Weiss Analytics, which recently launched the new Weiss Index for home prices. Unlike other home price indices, the Weiss Index tracks home price data on a home-by-home basis. Armed with that statistical power, the Weiss Index uses heat maps to reveal home price trends on a hyper-local level, and can even make reliable forecasts up to a year into the future about price changes for individual homes.

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 Glinkonomics Report [1:58]

New Weiss Index Forecasts Alarming Trend in Home Prices [4:15]
The new Weiss Index is the only home price index specifically designed to predict movements in home prices before they happen.

In addition to predicting trends in home prices up to a year in advance, what sets the Weiss Index apart from other home price indices is that it digs into the granular level of home price data to make relatively reliable predictions about the future movements of home prices on a house-by-house basis. So listen in as I interview Allan Weiss, founder and CEO of Weiss Analytics, which launched the new Weiss Index for home prices. He’ll go into detail about the principles underlying the Weiss Index and what interesting–and potentially alarming -trends he’s seeing in the data already.

Q&A: Should You Ever Stop Making Mortgage Payments? [24:50]
A home seller wants to stop making monthly mortgage payments now that the Realtor has expressed a belief that the home will sell quickly.

But there are huge risks associated with that plan, so I provide this home seller with some much-needed insight into the pitfalls associated with failing to make a mortgage payment. However, there are also instances when it’s not worth making the last month’s mortgage payment for a home that is already about to go to closing. So check out this segment for advice on when it’s safe to stop sending checks to your mortgage lender.

Should You Buy a Home Warranty? [27:33]
When you’re buying a house, you may wonder if you should buy a home warranty to cover the repair or replacement of certain appliances and systems in your new home.

Keep in mind that a home warranty will never take the place of a homeowner’s insurance policy. Instead, home warranties offer homeowners peace of mind when it comes to the guts of their home, from the furnace to the dishwasher. But there are certain cases when it makes more sense to buy a home warranty than others. It may even make sense for a home seller to buy a home warranty for the home they’re selling, under certain circumstances.

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