Top kitchen trends to watch in 2020. The latest kitchen trends homeowners planning a remodel, renovation or home improvement project should know about.

It’s all about the island when it comes to kitchen renovations, according to the 2020 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study

Houzz surveyed 2,600 homeowners in the U.S. who are in the midst of, are planning, or have recently completed a kitchen remodel to take a closer look at the top kitchen renovation trends.

Islands have become a hub for dining, entertaining and socializing for many homeowners. Over 60 percent of renovated kitchens feature an island, 70 percent of which measure more than six feet long.  

Traditionally, built-in islands would reflect the same cabinet color and counter color as the rest of the kitchen, but contrasting colors are growing in popularity for more than 25 percent of kitchen renovations. 

Functionality is also a key feature of modern islands. More than 95 percent have storage capabilities and more than half have built-in appliances like microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, cooktops and beverage refrigerators.

Islands may be the “crown jewel” of kitchen renovations, but there are plenty of trending kitchen styles, features and finishes worth paying attention to this year as well.

Top Kitchen Trends in 2020 for Styles, Features and Finishes

Here are the six kitchen trends Houzz identified as the ones to watch in their recent report:

1. Styles Trend Transitional

More than 80 percent of homeowners change their kitchen style during a renovation and 20 percent of them opt for transitional. Transitional style combines traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics equating to a classic, timeless design. Contemporary and modern styles came in second and third with 16 and 15 percent homeowners opting for them, respectively. 

2. Backsplashes Make a Statement

Ten percent of homeowners choose to make a statement with their backsplash, installing it all the way up to the ceiling. Over 60 percent install tile from their counters to their upper cabinets or range hoods. White tile is the most popular color, followed by multicolored and gray. 

3. Vinyl Flooring on the Rise

Hardwood and ceramic or porcelain tile are still the leading flooring choices among homeowners upgrading kitchen flooring during a remodel, but vinyl flooring is now the third most popular overall choice. It continues a three-year climb from 10 percent in 2018 and 12 percent in 2019 to 14 percent in 2020.

4. White and Shaker Cabinets Hold Steady

White dominates once again as the kitchen cabinet color of choice for 45 percent of homeowners. More than 10 percent of homeowners opt for a medium wood color and just 10 percent opt for gray colors. When it comes to cabinet doors, more than 60 percent of homeowners select shaker cabinet doors. Just over 20 percent choose flat-panel cabinet doors and under 20 percent of homeowners pick raised-panel cabinet doors during their kitchen renovation. 

5. Recessed Lights Reign

Nearly 70 percent of homeowners upgrade to recessed light fixtures during their kitchen remodel. Sixty-five percent of homeowners go with under-cabinet lights and over 55 percent select pendant lights. More than 65 percent of homeowners upgrading their kitchen islands install pendant lights above them. 

6. High-Tech Growth Slows

In 2019, nearly 60 percent of homeowners upgraded to high-tech faucets boasting water efficiency, no-fingerprint coating, or touch-free activation, but upgrades have slowed to just over 50 percent in 2020. Similarly, only a quarter of upgraded appliances will feature high-tech features like wireless controls in 2020, a slight drop from 30 percent in 2019.

To read more about kitchen renovation trends from the 2020 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, click here.

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