10 of the best luxury housewares of 2020. The most highly sought after luxury housewares are multifunctional, high-tech and make people’s lives easier.

Are you still trying to find the perfect gifts for the loved ones on your holiday shopping list? Well, you’re in luck because this week we’ve rounded up 10 of the best luxury housewares of 2020. 

Houseware sales hit historic highs during the COVID-19 pandemic and the NPD Group predicts 15 percent year-over-year dollar growth for the industry during the fourth quarter of 2020. 

“This year the holidays will be as much, if not more, about the time we spend at home than the time we spend with others,” said Joe Derochowski, home industry advisor at NPD. “In preparation for the holidays, and colder weather across many regions of the country, consumers will be looking to give and get products that both facilitate and enhance their altered celebrations and increased in-home activities.”

The hottest luxury housewares this year are high-tech, multifunctional and most importantly, convenient. 

10 of the Best Luxury Housewares of 2020

Here are 10 of the best luxury housewares of 2020:

1. The Air Fryer

Air fryers are small countertop convection ovens that simulate deep frying without submerging the food in oil. Most air fryers can also roast, bake, broil and reheat food, often in much less time than it would take in the oven since there isn’t nearly as much space to heat up. They’ve grown tremendously in popularity since Philips first debuted them in 2010 at a consumer electronics fair in Berlin. Air fryers are offered by many brands in different sizes and at different price points. 

2. The Roomba A.K.A. the Robot Vacuum

Roombas are robotic vacuum cleaners first sold by iRobot in September of 2002. With each model that’s been released since it’s improved its technology and functionality. It conveniently eliminates a tedious chore, but it can also make a big difference for people struggling with allergies as it can easily maneuver underneath furniture and into all the nooks and crannies where dust and dander can congregate.

3. The Fitness Mirror

The fitness Mirror is the latest evolution in luxury home fitness products. It debuted in September of 2018 and was quickly embraced by celebrities like Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga. The fitness Mirror hangs just like a real mirror on the wall but can be activated to steam live and on-demand classes. It has over 50 types of workouts including cardio, strength training, yoga, boxing and more. Much like the home fitness juggernaut Peloton, access to Mirror workouts requires a subscription in addition to purchasing the product itself.

4. The Home Assistant

Home assistants are basically robot butlers. They’re often activated through speech and can be used to play music, answer questions and set timers. The most high-tech offerings can adjust features in your home, like turning the lights on and off, preheating the oven or starting the dishwasher. Tech companies have been innovating digital speech recognition tools since 1961 but the first home assistant didn’t hit the market until November of 2014. Since then most major tech companies have launched their own version of a home assistant, each under a different name with slightly different features and functionality.

5. The Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a multi-cooker that can operate as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice or porridge cooker, yogurt maker, saute/searing pan, steamer and food warmer. The first iteration of the Instant Pot hit the market in October of 2010 and it’s since become a must-have for foodies everywhere. It dramatically reduces the amount of equipment needed to make a variety of recipes and it’s millions of devotees online hail it as “a magical pot.”

6. The Smart TV

Gone are the traditional, bulky televisions of yesteryear. Smart TVs have all the functionality of a regular TV, but they also connect to the internet and allow users to stream music, videos, browse the internet and view photos. Smart TVs have risen in popularity right alongside streaming services and some smart TVs can connect to Home Assistants and be voice-activated. Most are at least 1080p and now, almost all being sold are 4K, which gives you crystal-clear pictures.

7. The Elevated Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have seen a lot of innovation in the last decade. The latest luxury toothbrushes connect to Bluetooth to track brushing habits over time and can sense when you brush too hard. Many of the companies that make them now also have a subscription service that will automatically order brush heads when it’s time for replacement making oral care as convenient as possible.

8. The Home Cafe

Coffee fanatics don’t need to leave the house or walk down to the coffee shop to get their luxury caffeine fix anymore. Cappuccino and espresso machines with milk frothers make it easy to be your own barista and recreate your favorite luxury drinks at home. The most modern models are self-cleaning, temperature-controlled and are Bluetooth friendly, enabled to connect with Home Assistants and other smart home products. Some even come with grinders and the ability to create a vast array of drinks.

9. The Smart Security System

Smart security systems connect to Wi-Fi so people can monitor and control security devices remotely. The latest systems alert users when someone rings the doorbell and allows them to see and speak with the person at the door, a service that’s been celebrated for things like package delivery. According to one smart security system provider, Ring, the same service can be used to allow children to send messages to parents deployed in the military so they feel more connected. 

10. The Virtual Reality Headset

The most luxurious next-level gaming systems are virtual reality headsets. The headsets offer an immersive experience as the touch controllers transfer your movements directly into virtual reality with intuitive controls. Inventors have been working on the concept of virtual reality since 1838 but it only started becoming widely available to the general public in 2015. Many companies are competing to stand out in this relatively new tech space and have expanded its use to help treat psychological disorders, teach new skills and even take terminally ill people on virtual journeys.

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