The hottest houseware trends of 2021. Sales of these popular housewares are predicted to hold strong in the new year.

After a historic year for houseware sales in 2020, when Americans spent more time at home than ever before, the industry is poised for another year of impressive sales growth.

In 2021, it’s going to be all about housewares that are multifunctional, convenient and stylish. The hottest houseware trends will be found in the kitchen, particularly in kitchen appliances. Technological advances have made it affordable for the average American to become their own barista, chef and baker without having to do much more than read an instruction manual and punch a few buttons. 

Kitchen appliance sales grew $9.23 billion in 2020, according to research by the NPD Group, and are expected to dip to $8.80 billion in 2021, which is still well above gains in 2018 and 2019.

The Hottest Houseware Trends of 2021

These are the three hottest houseware trends of 2021:

1. Air Fryers

Air fryers perfectly encompass the biggest trends in housewares. They are multifunctional, convenient and although perhaps not always the most stylish, many models are compact and easy to tuck away. Air fryers topped our list of the 10 Best Luxury Housewares of 2020, but they aren’t exclusively at a high-end price point. Sure, some models can cost upwards of $300, but there are plenty of smaller air fryers that sell for as little as $30. The NPD Group expects air fryers to grow at least $100 million in sales over the 2020 and 2021 holiday periods. Users swear by them, noting the tastiness of air fried chicken wings.

2. Stand Mixers

The stand mixer is certainly the most stylish houseware on our list. The ever-popular KitchenAid stand mixers boast a variety of colors with elaborate names like confetti sprinkle, whispering floral, white mermaid lace and gold conifer. It isn’t just their aesthetic appeal that keeps sales strong, as the NPD group expects interest in baking to persist throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and sales will be driven by innovation and replacement opportunities.

3. Single-Serve Brewing Systems

Single-serve brewing systems are the ultimate in convenience and last on our list of the hottest houseware trends in 2021. The NPD Group predicts single-serve brewing systems (costing up to $800 for super-fancy versions) will sustain their growth and become a home staple in the new year. It’s less wasteful than brewing a whole pot of coffee only to drink a cup or two, but some single-serve brewing systems have been criticized for failing to be eco-friendly because each cup requires a single-use plastic pod.

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