Ilyce Glink Show – Rebuilding American Homeownership – January 20, 2013

Rebuilding American homeownership – one house at a time. Help this year for small business, the housing market and you as we recover from the Great Recession. And as usual, providing personal finance advice, real estate advice and consumer advice on the Ilyce Glink Show on January 20, 2013 at 11:00am Eastern Time on WSB Radio.

I want to start by talking today about something we’ve been kind of circling the last couple of weeks. I was going to talk to you, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner about some new tools we have for you. But it’s not just enough to try to rebuild small business. It’s about rebuilding you. It’s about rebuilding American homeownership –  one house at a time.

The idea that we’re all still pointing fingers and trying to figure out who to blame for the burst of the housing market bubble is one thing. People ask me all the time what I think about all the mortgage settlements and believe me, the money is good. A few grand is better than nothing but nothing feels as good as being a homeowner, right? But if we keep talking about settlement after settlement, that doesn’t accomplish what I want to do on the show this year, what I think is desperately needed after six long years of pain.

In June 2009, the Great Recession was officially declared over. My contention is that for the vast majority of Americans, we don’t have closure. It isn’t over. Unless you tie a robust job market to the housing market, you can’t really feel better. You just can’t. What I want to do is start rebuilding American homeownership – one house at a time. Tune in to learn how we do that.

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