Are you going to bake in the heat this summer?

Replacing your air conditioning unit can be expensive.

To avoid buying the wrong unit, check first the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or Energy Efficiency Rating of any air conditioning unit you’re considering. The higher the number — they go as high as 17 — the more energy efficient the unit.

Also, consider how noisy it is. An air conditioner with a sound level of 70 decibels will be as quiet as a refrigerator.

Finally, consider upgrading your central air system to include an electronic air cleaner or a zoned system. The air cleaner removes dust, pollen, and other indoor air pollutants. A zoning system allows you to divide your home into several sections, adjusting the system in each zone according to use. Zoning can save as much as 30 percent on your energy bill.

Purchase your system from a reputable dealer. If there is a problem with your new system, you won’t want to have additional problems with a balky dealer.

Keep your cool when buying your next air conditioning unit, and you’ll have it made in the shade this summer.