As I’ve begun to cook for more family members – and two very hungry boys – I find I’m making larger quantities of food for dinner. But if someone’s appetite is a little off one night, we could wind up with a lot of leftovers.

Buying in bulk is cheaper, but it doesn’t sit right with my inner frugal nature to just toss all that good food if no one wants to eat it. So I’ve tried to rethink how much I cook of any one thing and I’ve made some changes.

For example, if I buy a six-pound pack of ground beef at Costco, I’ll make two smaller meatloafs and a stack of home-made hamburgers. We’ll eat one meatloaf one night, I’ll freeze the other, and then I’ll individually wrap and freeze the hamburgers so they’re ready at a moment’s notice whenever anyone is hungry.

If I make less meat, the kids will eat more salad and veggies, so we’re eating healthier with a lot less waste.

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