Q: My upstairs neighbor in my condo building installed a treadmill over my living room. I called the Police after it became clear that his exercise routine included a regular 2:00am workout.

He was told to stop, but the treadmill is still used during the day and even as late at 9:00pm. He was also caught urinating on my front door about two weeks after I called the cops.

And now I just noticed my car trunk has been keyed.

I’ve had problems with my neighbor and his girlfriend since she bought the condo two years ago. The manager of the condo building said they can do nothing about how they are behaving.

I am looking to move, but that will not happen quickly. I am disabled and am now taking valium because of the stress involved with this issue. Do I have to go to court? The idea of it raises my blood pressure. Can you advise as to where I can go from here?

A: This sounds like a perfectly awful situation. It’s one thing to call the cops on a noisy neighbor. It’s quite another to have someone keying your car and urinating on your doorstep.

You can hire an attorney and sue your neighbor for causing you emotional distress, and for damaging your property. You may also be able to sue for harassment.

The fact that your neighbor is using a treadmill until 9:00 pm doesn’t sound awful, although I’m sure it’s not pleasant to listen to that noise.

Although the building manager claims nothing can be done, your building can adopt rules that govern when a resident’s personal workout equipment can be used or what kind of soundproofing material must be used with that kind of equipment to minimize sound issues. If you would like to circulate a petition in your building, and then bring this before the building board, you can ask them to adopt new rules.

A real estate attorney can assist you further in exploring any other options you have.

Published: Sep 29, 2007