Brett Marlowe talks about his philosophy of building new houses and what buyers look for.

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Graphic: Brett Marlowe, President, CBI Custom Homes

My name’s Brett Marlowe. I’m one of the owners of CBI Custom Homes. We’re a fourth generation firm on Chicago’s north shore and we build luxury homes for discerning clients.

We build houses from 1.5 to 8 or 9 million but our nitch is really 5 and above. We’ve built a reputation that we build one-off houses and that they’re very unique. People come to us for that reason.

They want something unique and they know they can have confidence that we’re not going to repeat their house three doors down. It’s a team effort, it’s not just me, you know I might be the person that people see but there’s a whole team of people behind me that are creating these houses. I couldn’t create this house by myself.

A home is a home and it’s such a great thing. I think have maybe the greatest job in the world in a lot of respects because you know what I get to do. You build it, it’s there, it’s there for a really long time. You know people get to raise their families in it and have their holidays in it. A lot of big things happen at home. Building houses that last for a long time – I mean that’s one thing but then to actually build the relationships with all these people. I mean you know I’d say fully half of all the people that I have ever built for you know I’d say they’re close friends.

Building is like such a – it’s almost like a reward you know to be able to do what I do everyday you know at the level that we do it at, you know it’s a gift.

Graphic: CBI Custom Homes