Grilling outside and having friends over for a cookout is an American tradition. But before you start grilling, you might want to consider updating your tool set. Kingsford has some new products on the market that make grilling much easier.

Sometimes grilling takes longer than you planned, and by the time you have the grill all fired up, the sun has gone down. The magnetic light for barbecue tools can come to the rescue. This small flashlight clips onto a metal spatula or other metal grilling tools using magnets. You can move the light around so it shines perfectly on your burgers. Three LED lights give you the maximum amount of illumination for nighttime grilling.

The newest trend for grilling is silicone. Silicone sop mops are more sanitary and easier to clean than the old paintbrush style basting brushes. Kingsford has a new silicone sop mop with a detachable head that you can toss in the dishwasher. Two versions of this grilling tool are available, one with a wooden handle, and one with a flexible handle. The flexible handle can be bent into different shapes to keep the brush from getting the countertop messy.

Even grilling is going green. Kingsford has a new series of grilling tools called the Verde series. This line of grilling tools is made from entirely sustainable materials, like farm-raised bamboo. Kingsford has taken the environmental initiative to heart, even making sure that the packaging materials for the Verde series of grilling tools are made of sustainable materials.

If you like to use sauces are marinades in your grilling, you’ll want to check out this saucepot. Kingsford’s new saucepot can be used on the stove or grill. You can heat up a sauce or marinade on the stove, then carry it out to the grill and use the brush that nests in the handle to baste your meats.

Finally, for the grilling cleanup, Kingsford has a new 100 percent natural grill cleaner. Currently, it is the only grill cleaner that has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency with their DFE (Design For the Environment) certification. The next time you plan a cookout, check out these grilling tools for some cool additions to your arsenal.

Aug. 8, 2008.