The newest products for the home debut every year at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. In 2008, vacuum cleaners got a face lift. Dirt Devil partnered with product designer Karim Rashid to manufacture a new line of vacuum cleaners. You won’t want to shove these vacuum cleaners in a closet. The new designer look will make you proud to display these vacuum cleaners in your home.

The first new designer vacuum cleaner that Dirt Devil released on the market was the Kone. It features a one-touch power button and it comes in a stand that also charges the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners. A white light shows you that the vacuum cleaners are charging when they are placed on the stand. The Kurv vacuum cleaner works the same way as the Kone, but it features a more curvaceous look.

Another new product from Dirt Devil is the Brum. It works like a typical broom, but instead of a dustpan, the Brum has a vacuum cleaner built in to pick up the dust pile. Because the Brum has a built-in vacuum cleaner, there’s no need to bend over to sweep up the dust pile. When you want to empty the vacuum cleaner it detaches from the broom for easy cleanup.

The Kruz vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a cord, and its 360-degree swivel head makes it ideal for cleaning hardwood floors. Unlike the hand-held Kone and Kurv, the Kruz is a stand vacuum cleaner, meaning you won’t have to bend over to use it. Soft-glide technology is built into this vacuum cleaner, making it easy to go around corners and baseboards without dinging or marring them. The Kruz vacuum cleaner also comes with a base for easy display and charging.

If you ever eat lunch at your desk and make a mess, the Kwik vacuum cleaner was made for you. This vacuum cleaner is a small, desktop model made for cleaning keyboards and workspaces. The Kwik vacuum cleaner is so small you could stash it in a desk drawer, but it’s so cool looking, you might not want to hide it.

Aug. 11, 2008.