One of the biggest trends at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show was going green. Dozens of companies showed alternative ways to make your life more environmentally friendly. You might not believe it, but installing just one Lutron dimmer switch can make a big difference.

Melissa Andresko, Lutron Electronics’ media relations manager, says, “If every homeowner just added one Lutron dimmer to their house it would be the equivalent of taking 370,000 cars off the road.”

Having a Lutron dimmer switch doesn’t mean living in the dark.

“If you even dim just 10 percent you’re going to double the life of the light bulb whether it be an incandescent bulb or a halogen bulb,” Andresko says. “You’re going to automatically double the life of it and save 10 percent energy so it’s going to shave dollars off your monthly energy bill and interestingly enough the human eye can’t detect the difference between a light that’s on at 100 percent and a light that’s on at 85 percent.”

A Lutron dimmer switch allows you to use the rooms in your house in versatile ways. If you want to have a romantic dinner in your kitchen, you can use a Lutron dimmer switch to bring down the lights. These Lutron dimmer switches don’t cost a lot of money. The basic Lutron dimmer switches are available at retail stores starting at $8. The Lutron dimmer switches are available in a variety of colors and styles to match any home’s decor.

Once you have a few Lutron dimmer switches, you have the option of setting up a system with a remote control for your lights. In addition to Lutron dimmer switches, the company also makes shades and drapes that you can automate in your home. Just buying one Lutron dimmer switch is a great way to start going green by spending less than $10.