Q: Help! I have two days to decide on buying the house…

I’m planning on buying a house with a radon problem. I’ve been informed that the radon problem can be correctable and guaranteed 100 percent by venting it out via the subbasement; which will lower the radon level from 5.6 to 1.0 or below (1.0 being in an acceptable range.)

Have you heard of any issues with fixing a radon problem? Once fixed, is it safe for children?

And, what about when it comes time to reselling the house. Would buyers not want to buy the house since it has a radon problem but it is fixed?

A: Once you have a radon problem, you will always have to disclose that the house has this issue. But, you can fix it by venting out the basement. Once the radon is gone, it is safe for children and adults. You can buy a radon detector for your basement, similar to a smoke detector, that will beep if radon creeps above a certain level. I recommend it.

Make sure that you get an appropriate discount when purchasing this property. Because of its history — even if the problem has been fixed — you may have trouble selling it in the future, and it may not appreciate as quickly.