Q: What should you look for when considering home improvements? I plan to sell my house in about 1 to 2 years or so. I am wondering if there are government programs that will give me a grant to remodel my home and/or finance at a fair low rate? My credit is ok. I had a few late payment in the past year, I really would like to move because my wife and I are looking for something new. Please give me the steps that I should follow so we can make improvements, sell and move on.

A: What kind of improvements are you planning to make? And, why would you make major renovations just before moving? You may or may not recoup all of these costs.

If you’re looking for minor improvements that will improve your selling price, consider these: Repainting your home white; cleaning or replacing your carpet; painting the exterior of your home; hiring a landscaper to manicure your garden and then buy or plant colorful flowers; repair broken hinges, doors, etc.; regrout your bathroom tile; thoroughly clean your home.

Do all that and then invite 3 brokers to do a Comparative marketing analysis (CMA) and see if you haven’t improved your home’s value.