Ilyce made an appearance on Good Morning America in Arizona to talk about her new book “Buy, Close, Move In!” Follow the link to the video on and watch Ilyce talk about strategic defaults, how to survive after a foreclosure and how to plan strategically in getting buying the home of your dreams.

Ilyce’s new book “Buy, Close, Move In!” was just published April 13. In it, she gives advice on how people can carefully navigate the new world of real estate and end up with a successful home buy. She also discusses mistakes real estate home buyers make and how to avoid them.

The book’s first Amazon review was posted by Frances Flynn Thorsen gave the book 5 stars. An excerpt of her review reads:

“‘BUY, CLOSE, MOVE IN!’ fills a void on book store reading shelves in a market where extreme changes in lending culture render most real estate “how-to” books uselessly dated. Glink brilliantly mixes the right measure of longstanding good real estate sense with sound advice about dealing with new demands on the buying public.

Glink’s advice for new age investors mirrors sage real estate advice of the last 20 years. Consumers will appreciate comprehensive discussion of the home buying process – setting a bar for expectation, negotiation strategies with sellers and with banks, choosing a real estate professional with savvy in niche markets, shopping for mortgage financing. At each juncture, Glink offers a range of choices for custom tailoring a real estate team and plan, honoring the notion that real estate is not a one-size-fits-all financial solution.

Real estate agents and brokers and mortgage lenders will appreciate the way Glink frames the decision making process. If they are smart, realty pros will order this book by the box, keep one copy for personal use, and share the rest with their clients and customers. “BUY, CLOSE, MOVE IN!” makes a strong case to consumers finding a good real estate agent partner to share their journey and help them navigate the changing currents in a fluid market.”

Read Frances’ full review and order your copy of Buy, Close, Move In! on Amazon today.
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