Clark Howard Show Notes – June 10, 2010

New Foreclosure Numbers, Strategic Defaults, Jobs and The Economy, Mortgage Rates, Lemon Laws

Got a lemon? Check out at

Georgia’s lemon laws for automobiles offers a useful FAQ and information on how to apply:

What is the purpose of the Lemon Law?

The Georgia Lemon Law is a self-help statute whose primary goal is to have the manufacturer of your motor vehicle fix any defects. If your vehicle cannot be repaired in a reasonable number of attempts and is found to be a “lemon,” the law requires the manufacturer to replace or buy back (repurchase) the vehicle. It also alerts manufacturers to possible defects and quality issues in the vehicles they produce.

**Which consumers are covered by the Lemon Law?

You are covered by this law if:

* You purchase or lease a new motor vehicle for personal, family or household use; or

* You purchase or lease 10 or fewer new motor vehicles a year for business purposes other than limousine rental services.

Does the Fidelity Credit Card tap your assets if you don’t pay your bill?

Clark Howard likes the Fidelity Credit Card but one listener was worried that if he didn’t pay the bill, his retirement savings would be tapped. We called Fidelity and found out the answer is no. They do not cross pollinate, the way that some of the big box lenders do, so if you use it, you’ll be safe.

How to Find a GREAT Financial Planner

Check out the financial planners who spoke at our recent HOW TO INVEST YOUR MONEY IN 2010 event last March. They’re all excellent, and won’t try to sell you anything. They’ve all agreed to do a free one-hour consultation and you should take them up on it.

Here’s the link to our list of speakers from HOW TO INVEST YOUR MONEY IN 2010.

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Thinking About Converting Your IRA to a Roth IRA? Check out what my friend Dan Solin has to say

Dan Solin is a Senior Investment Advisor with Index Fund Advisors. He also has written several bestselling books about 401(k)s and retirement. He is now writing about retirement and investment issues with me at the new Equifax Personal Finance Blog.

Check out Dan’s take on the IRA to ROTH IRA conversion issue.

Introducing the Equifax Personal Finance Blog

On the blog, you’ll find great information about the five pillars of personal finance:

Tax (written by Eva Rosenberg, an enrolled agent)

Insurance (written by Linda Rey, who is president of her family’s insurance company)

Retirement/Investing (written by Dan Solin, see above)

Credit (written by Equifax’s own credit experts)

Real Estate (written by yours truly)

The blog is a great resource of information and ideas on how to save money, better manage your credit and make smarter decisions with your money. Check it out, RSS it, bookmark the page, and follow all of us on

Tune in to hear all of these questions and my complete answers. We should have the show podcasted later this week.


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