Ilyce Glink Show Notes – June 13, 2010

Today’s News:

**Economic Fallout of BP Oil Spill

There was a great story on CNN Money about how a 134-year old oyster-shucking business collapsed and laid off 11 workers because of the BP oil spill. So far, BP has received more than 40,000 claims from small business owners and individuals. As of last week, about 18,000 claims had been fully or partially paid, for about $50 million.

Imagine how much damage this oil spill will cause to the economically fragile Gulf Coast region. New Orleans has hardly (barely) recovered from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Now, tar balls are washing up all over the Gulf Shore. BP says it will hire 4,500 (unemployed) workers to help clean up the spill, paying them $18 to $34 per hour.

That’s pretty good hazard pay, and the job will probably last for years – and that’s the part I’m most concerned about. On today’s show we heard from a bunch of folks who are property owners or small business owners who are wondering how to file a claim (see below for numbers and the web address), whether they need attorneys (not yet – try filing your claim solo first, is my advice), and whether a boycott of BP would send the right message, but hurt the company just as it is being asked to put up billions of dollars in an escrow account to pay claims.

I’m all for BP staying strong and paying claims. Not everyone agrees with me.

If you want to file a claim with BP:

**Claims Hotline: +1 800 440 0858

BP Wants To Hear Your Ideas For Stopping The Spill

If you have an idea for technology or an invention that you’ve created that you think will help stop the spill, BP is open to all suggestions.

For general assistance and to submit alternative response technology, services or products, call +1 281 366 5511

Supposedly there are 70+ BP employees staffing this phone number. But note that it is the same number to register your boat and professional services.

Other BP Spill Contact Numbers:

U.S. Coast Guard Joint Information Center: +1 985 902 5231

Environmental hotline and community information: +1 866 448 5816

Wildlife distress hotline: +1 866 557 1401

Volunteers: +1 866 448 5816

Register your professional services: +1 281 366 5511

Vessels of Opportunity – register boats to assist with response: +1 281 366 5511

Do you have ideas to help us?: +1 281 366 5511

To report oiled or injured wildlife, call +1 866 557 1401

To discuss spill related damage, call +1 800 440 0858

To report oiled shoreline or request volunteer information, call +1 866 448 5816

Deepwater Horizon Medical Support Line – if you feel ill due to the oil spill in the GoM or have oil spill health related questions: 1-888-623-0287

Additional BP contact information

Investor Relations, call 281-366-4937

Claims, call +1 800 440 0858

Transocean hotline, call, +1 832 587 8554

MI Swaco hotline, call +1 888 318 6765

BP family and third-party contractor hotline, call +1 281 366 5578

BP on Twitter and Facebook

Twitter: Oil_Spill_2010

Facebook: Deepwater Horizon Response

Joint Incident Command website: Deepwater Horizon Response

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